The CLD designation recognizes that potential certification candidates might have extensive industry experience or already possess membership in other landscape design organizations. Therefore, these candidates are eligible to apply under the program provision instead of writing the formal exam, and submitting their portfolio.

Candidates with at least 12 years of design experience are now eligible to apply for the new “Grandfathering” provision under the Certified Landscape Designer (CLD) designation. Likewise, any candidates with full membership to a professional landscape design association (up to the discretion of the committee) are eligible for application as well. In addition to providing proof of education and work experience, candidates are also required to submit two sponsorship letters, validating their submission. Once the application is approved, candidates may be asked to discuss three relevant design projects, during which they played a significant role, with the Review Committee.

To learn more you can visit or listen to the webinar available online here. Any questions can be directed to Edith Oyosoro at the CNLA via email at , or by telephone at 1-888-446-3499 ext. 8650.


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