There’s less than a month to go until Canada’s national gardening celebration, Garden Days, is back! If you haven’t taken part before, let this year be the year that you start. From June 9-18, your garden centre can host a variety of activities and programs that promote gardening on a local, national and international basis. The opportunities for what you can offer your customers are endless. As you’ll see, events like setting up a fairy garden, or an ask the expert booth don’t need to be complicated. The goal is to engage garden enthusiasts, youth and schools, as well as communities, by demonstrating the value of gardening.
The celebration is a perfect opportunity to showcase the great work that you do and engage the public. Host an activity! Register it, at no cost, on the Garden Days website. Post the Garden Days logo you receive as recognition of your part in a national program to promote the joys and benefits of gardening and green spaces!
View the invitation here..

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