Peter Isaacson, CNLA’s IPM and Minor Use Coordinator has provided the following summary of PMRA’s re-examination of glyphosate, based on information provided by the Agency via a recent stakeholder conference call. A summary document is also available for download from the PMRA website.

  • Glyphosate is not genotoxic and is unlikely to pose a human cancer risk.
  • Dietary (food and drinking water) exposure associated with the use of glyphosate is not expected to pose a risk of concern to human health.
  • Occupational and residential risks associated with the use of glyphosate are not of concern, provided that updated label instructions are followed.
  • The environmental assessment concluded that spray buffer zones are necessary to mitigate potential risks to non-target species (for example, vegetation near treated areas, aquatic invertebrates and fish) from spray drift.
  • When used according to revised label directions, glyphosate products are not expected to pose risks of concern to the environment.
  • All registered glyphosate uses have value for weed control in agriculture and non- agricultural land management.

PMRA is granting continued registration of products containing glyphosate with requirements of additional label updates to further protect human health and the environment.  To comply with this decision, the required label changes must be implemented on all product labels sold by registrants no later than 24 months after the publication date of this document.


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