Originally published in 1967 as a guide to minimum production standards for nursery stock, the Canadian Nursery Stock Standard continues to be one of the industry’s most-referenced documents.  The Standard is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is consistent with modern production and marketplace practices.  Under the guidance of the Nursery Stock Standard Committee, this current revision is the result of two years of work involving nursery growers with various production proficiencies and representing all production types and geographic regions of Canada.  The revision process also included consultation with various user group organizations from across Canada, including landscape architects and municipalities.
Noted chair Brett Mattson (Mattson Tree Farms), the Committee acknowledges the efforts of all nursery grower participants, and extends thanks to the committee members of Bart Brusse (Sheridan Nurseries), Aaron Krahn (Lakeshore Tree Farms) and Harold Voogd (Sunstar Nurseries).  “We are especially grateful to our committee members and editors Arnold Heuver and Dr. Glen Lumis for their many hours spent to review and incorporate changes and even to contribute to the new and improved format.  Their efforts were above and beyond the high standards we have come to expect from our many dedicated volunteers.”
It is the intent of the Committee that this ninth edition will be a living document, allowing for changes and edits to be made as necessary.  The Canadian Nursery Stock Standard will therefore be available as a downloadable .PDF document only.
Also available for download is a list of relevant changes made to the ninth edition and compiled by Dr. Glen Lumis.

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