The OJT workshop provides an easy, useful, and effective method of training staff for absolutely any task. It is a proven set of steps that participants will learn through exercises that put them in the shoes of both trainer and trainee. They have the opportunity to practice the method in an industry setting, using the tools and tasks of the trade. The OJT workshop is aimed at key personnel in your organization that are responsible for training new employees, or for your continuing education/training programs.

OJT workshops have been developed by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association with support from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada – they are offered across the country through provincial landscape associations. Workshops can be arranged for participants (10 max.) in a region, or for individual company sites. The workshop entails one full workday plus one half day (consecutive or one-week apart); fees are approximately $175.00 per registrant, including meals and refreshments. Participants must provide their own Personal Protective Equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about the OJT program, please contact Member Services at our office, 1-800-378-3198, ext.102, or

On-the-Job Training: A Success Story
“Having been in the landscape industry for over 47 years, and instructing in one form or another during this time, I was pleasantly surprised at what the OJT program had to offer. Throughout my career, I have met and discussed techniques on teaching with many instructors and landscape professionals. Various styles of teaching are used and the goal always remains consistent—help someone become better at what they do.

The OJT course is a simple, step-by-step way of instructing. Think about the words for a moment—on-the-job training—simply put, your staff don’t have to sit in training meetings for hours to learn. A well-trained company will result in a better bottom line. Every association member should inquire and participate in the OJT program to reap the benefits.”
– Brian Clegg, Allweather Landscape, Toronto (member of Landscape Ontario)