Why is it so important for industry and government to use the Canadian Landscape Standard?
  • The Canadian Landscape Standard is a single authoritative resource that is applicable to all regions in Canada.
  • The Canadian Landscape Standard documents acceptable practices for landscape goods and services and applies to the areas of administration, planning, design and review.
  • These Standards set guidelines and makes recommendations for all major aspects of the landscape industry.
  • The Canadian Landscape Standard streamlines the landscape specification writing process by referencing one nationally recognized industry standard.
  • Referencing the Canadian Landscape Standard in project specifications can result in better qualified bids.
  • The Canadian Landscape Standard is a centralized and comprehensive mechanism from which to effect public procurement policy, legislation, by-laws and regulations.
  • The newly revised Canadian Nursery Stock Standard Ninth Edition 2017 is now included as Appendix G of the Canadian Landscape Standard.
The Canadian Landscape Standard references product and services across our landscape horticulture value chain. It is a must-have industry resource, playing a key industry role in climate change adaptation and resiliency by setting the standards for well designed, built and maintained landscapes and green infrastructure. Order your copy >

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